Our Firm

Forget about money. What are your financial dreams? More free time to spend with your family? A quality education for your children? The enrichment that comes from travel? The knowledge your loved ones will be cared for as they age? Now, what would it take to realize your dreams? Higher income? Maybe. Or perhaps just a better strategy for your current income. Higher risk investments? Maybe. Or perhaps just a well-tuned program for less-risky ventures. Foregoing some purchases? Maybe. Or perhaps just a thoughtful plan for reallocating cash on hand. The future is never guaranteed. But prudent leadership often makes the difference between a lifetime of dreams fulfilled and one of constant catch-up. The earlier the planning begins, the richer its potential rewards. For over thirty five (35) years MD Brown Financial has been committed to helping you realize these rewards. We assist individuals and businesses in defining objectives and managing finances so they can more readily achieve their short and long term goals. We offer insurance and securities products and services that are focused on each client's unique situation and special requirements. In the end, your financial success is our reward. We hope you will consider the guidance of MD Brown Financial the first step toward securing your dreams.